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Yay, you’re pregnant! Welcome to your journey.
I’d love to meet you and maybe become your ally all along the transition into parenthood, or if it’s not the first child, to become an advocate and – your Doula. That might look like this:

Hop or Top
We first introduce ourselves to each other. Maybe you’ll find out that I am a nice mother of three who likes to go and see concerts, who’s in love with the city of Cologne, and who’s a passionate city biker and yogi. Maybe I’ll find out that you can’t wait your belly to become as big that everyone can see what’s happening. It’s two of you! Are we up for more? Let’s see.

  1. bonding
    If I’ll be your Doula, we’re going to meet at least two more times during pregnancy. You speak and I listen and provide information, or help, where you can find information Together we’re going to work out a birth plan and note everything that’s of your preference.
  2. on call and giving birth
    From 14 days before your due date i’ll sit and await your call.
    I will attend your birth wherever you choose to make it happen. (in Cologne)
  3. postpartum
    I’ll come and see you to worship your baby, to listen to you and to debrief your birth experience together. I’ll hand you over the birth report i’ll have written, maybe photos, if you wish so.

That’s what i provide:

  • Doula Service for birth and postpartum
  • Fascia Touch MDB
  • Closing of the body-ritual
  • Birth photography

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